I have always loved stitching. Transforming traditional techniques into contemporary textile art and adding further media, my work can perhaps be described as mixed media embroidery art.
Mostly, I work on a small scale. Tiny, delicate stiches give the piece structure and density. Telling a big story on a small screen is what interests me. Furthermore, I want the viewer to literally be close to my art.
As we all are, I am influenced by many things. But there are three main sources of inspiration for me:

1. I grew up in the Alpine mountains, and although I have moved to a more urban area of Switzerland in my twenties, I still live at the edge of the woods where I often take long strolls with my kids, exploring flora and fauna. Thus, nature is my great model for color, pattern and texture.

2. Since my teenage years, I am an admirer of the surrealists. Intrigued by images of the subconsious, I believe in the importance of dreams and visions. Being human includes all shades of longings, drives and feelings, dark and light.

3. Another important source is my longing to tell stories. As I am also a writer, I love to combine stitched illustrations with words.