Education and working life


  • born November 30, 1975 in Davos, Switzerland

  • 1996 Matura Typus B

  • 2003 BSc Education

  • 2010 DAS German linguistics, language development and teaching

  • since 2014 freelance embroidery artist

  • since 2017 owner and special education teacher at Neurodivers Teaching Services

  • since 2018 owner and maker at Claudia Jäggi Textile Art

Education in arts and handicrafts

  • 1978 - 1982: informal fiber arts training by my two grandmothers (one was arts and crafts teacher, the other couture dressmaker) 

  • 2000 - 2003: methodology and practice training of teaching arts in elementary schools at College of Education, Zurich

  • 2004: beginners icon painting training at Migros Klubschule, Zurich

  • 2006 -2007: goldsmith trainings (beginners and advanced) by Bruce Zieler at Migros Klubschule, Zurich

  • 2014: online training course "Lange Leine" by Anne Lange of Atelier Lange Nadel in Mainz, Germany: contemporary embroidery techniques

  • 2015: online training course "Lange Schritte" by Anne Lange of Atelier Lange Nadel in Mainz, Germany: surface design and advanced embroidery techniques

  • 2018: workshop "oxidation processes for fine arts" by Arti Lemon in Oberdorf, Switzerland


S.E.W. - Society for Embroidered Work

TAFA - The Textile and Fiber Art List


SDA - Surface Design Association